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development in downtown towson. rob roblin shows us a building that has sat empty for the last 10 years which could soon be one up towson's top destinations. >> this building has been vacant for almost 10 years. that will not be the case much longer. >> today is a great day for towson and for baltimore county. >> at a press conference today, jim smith announced that the investment building will become towson city center. >> the 12-story building behind me has been essentially vacant since 2002. we are pleased to announce it will be completely rebuilt it -- completely renovated. >> there will be offices on 12 floors and on-site parking. eproperty -- >> we love the location. there is a lot of long-term potential here for tenants and also for the it downtown to house an area. >> the project will cost $27 million. >> the state is investing $2 million and the county $5 million. it will create jobs here in construction and retail. most importantly, it will make that sick building a barbara, living center of towson. >> it will bring in 500 new jobs to downtown towson. >> that is 500 people going out
. >> today, loved ones gathered to remember the star student athlete. keith daniels is live in towson. keith, this is a tragedy all around? >> jeff, it is, at least one bus load of yeardley love's lacrosse teammates was here tonight. they walked in and out of the services, quietly, together, without talking publicly about their loss. now, hundreds today gathered here at the rucks funeral home including former students from the notre dame prep school for schools here in towson. yeardley love gralt graduated from there. she was killed early early monday. she was two. police have charged george huguely with the murder in the crime. he was yeardley love's former boyfriend. and friends tonight are reacting to the surprising allegations. >> i mean, she's like the perfect girl in every's eyes and to think that someone could do anything like that. obviously, we don't know exactly what happened. but it's hard to imagine. >> well, the funeral is tomorrow morning at 10:00. at the cathedral of mary our queen in north baltimore. we are live now in towson, keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition. >> all r
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but towson university is now getting involved. how towson is helping the family. good morning. >> reporter: that's right we're at towson university, the forensic department agreed to step in and try to help to figure out what happened in the disappearance of michael hogan. hogan lived at the spring lake ranch in vermont. this is a recovery and therapeutic work facility. he was there for just over a year when one day he went missing in 2005. after three years of following leads police notified hogan's family that pieces of michael's remains had been found less than a mile from the ranch. with no evidence of homicide vermont state police deemed the case not suspicious and the crime lab was not involved. but michael's father didn't think that was enough and reached out for a forensic specialist at towson university to see if she could help. she and her students spent two days uncovering remains of what is believed to be michael hogan's body. >> so they called and they said they found a skull. it was a male. they could tell by the size of what they found, it could very well be michael. >> repo
maryland's most powerful doppler weather. we show you towson right now and that interchange with 83. overall, temperatures 65 to 70. partly to mostly cloudy skies. we should try to pop a thundershower this afternoon. we aim for 82 with our 2-degree guarantee and lower humidity with clearing skies goes back tonight. let's go back to the roads with kim. >> you will see activity in baltimore city on the scene of that vehicle fire at north franklin town and west baltimore street. aside from that, you are looking good around the area. here on northeast corner of the beltway, no problems on both loops, topside looking good as you make your way towards delaney valley. inner loop is good, up towards the jfx. outer loop looking good, headed down towards i-95. no problems on the 95 corridor either. you are looking good between the beltways. back to you. >>> breaking news at 5:30. just before our 11:00 newscast ended. federal agents arrested a pakistani man accused of trying to blow up an suv. he was attempting to board a flight to dubai. t.j. now with more from washington. >> 30-year-old fa
lacrosse team won twice for yeardley love, but it was the sportsmanship of the lady towson tigers that really stood out during the competition. yesterday the women's uva lacrosse team beat towson 14-12 and the men's team also won on saturday beating mount st. st. mary's. after any mesh win yeardley's mother and sister hugged each player. they say she was the reason they won. more than 2,000 people cheered on the cavaliers as they played in their first game without the number one jersey on the field. even towson fans showed their support for the lacrosse team, many of them wearing pins in honor of yeardley love. >> i could feel her and she was with us the entire game. you could feel the love coming from every single person there. >> i felt i needed to take time out and show some support. >> coulingcoming up find out what each towson player give gave to each uva player. >> the university of virginia lacrosse player charged with murdering yeardley love attacked a roommate last year it turns out according to a spokesperson from the university. george huguely and another player told th
. the virginia lacrosse team won twice for yeardley love, and it is the sportsmanship shown by the towson tigers that stood out during a time of competitiveness and showed compassion during a time of mourning. yesterday the team beat towson 14-12? char lotsville and the men's team also won. from the flowers by the game sign to her family in the stands, yeardley love was every where after an emotional win by the cav leer women, yeardley's mother and sister hugged each player. they say she was the reason why they won. more than 2,000 people cheered on the cavaliers as they played in their first game without the number 1 jersey on the field and even towson fans showed their support for the lacrosse team. many of them wearing pins in honor of yeardley love. >> we're all parents. it could happen to any one of our kids, and you feel helpless when you see something like this happen. >> grew up in cockeysville, a stone's throw from the university and she played with players that are from towson. >> now, coming up at 5:45 beal find out what the towson players gave to the uba players and their reaction. r
basically towson, whitemarsh, up to bel air, it's wet and mist and fog on the roads, mid-60s, only going to 75 and the chance of showers continues throughout the afternoon. by the way, there could be a tropical system named off the coast this week. we'll talk about that. yeah, a little premature for tropical season. in a bit. >>> 5:40. let's check the roads with kim. >> it may take you a few extra minutes to get to where you're trying to go especially at this early hour. very wet roads as justin said, patchy fog could slow you down a little bit. no real problems on 795 but just add a couple of minutes to the commute so far this morning. so it could take you is it minutes to -- 12 minutes to make it from 140 to the beltway. all lanes are open. we're dealing with two crashes, way outside the beltway. one in union bridge that has route 75 closed in both directions at route 26. you can try south street as an alternate. out in the whiteford area near pylesville, route 165 south of route 136, an injury crash with police and emergency crews on scene there as well. back to you. >>> 5:41. known f
to her mother and sister. sherrie johnson is live with more. >> good morning, megan. here at towson university many students are studying for a final exam. it was the sportsmanship and compassion over the weekend that really stands out when they took on the uva lacrosse team and it was the first time since yeardley love's murder. yesterday the women's team beat towson 14-12 in charlottesville. the men's team also won on saturday beating mounted saint maries. from the flowers by the game sign to her family in the stands, yeardley love was every where. towson university players wore orange arm bands throughout the game with the initials it. they also gave each player a gold pin at the end of the game. the pin is an angel holding a lacrosse stick. fans and players from both teams say the game was played for love. >> it really helped our team and helped us get stronger. >> we're one team. we have one heart and we're doing it for one purpose. it is for yeardley. >> love was found murdered two weeks ago in our off campus apartment. her former boyfriend is charged with first degree murder
of hundreds arriving at the funeral home today in towson as friends and family pay respects to yeardley love. >> she was weeks away from getting her diploma, but she'll never get to the walk the stage. most classmates have asked fellow students on campus to wear orange and blue today to honor love. students will get together for a mass at noon today. on thursday, police went to a charlottesville bar where it's believe the two argued before love was murdered. police are investigating whether to lacrosse players had to pull george huguely away from love in a close encounter. >> he was forcefully acting against her. >> there'll be two viewings today. 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00. her funeral is tomorrow at the cathedral of mary our queen. we're live in towson, linda sow, abc it news. >> if you check the facebook page, she has 45,000 supporters who have signed up just since the murder. unbelievable. >>> you can read more about the investigation in our slide show on >>> a remotely operated vehicle successfully capped one of the pipes leaking oil in the gulf of mexico as one of ten
here in towson. it's a huge deal. record crowds last year. i'm going to tell you about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,, >>> 71 degrees now. at the start we were 75. it is a warm and humid morning. it feels really good. winds calm anbar meter falling 29.77. check out the temperatures around here. ocean city 70, 63 cumberland and almost 70 hagerstown, 72 in elkton. 70 in westminster, 78 in rock hall, columbia and an -- annapolis, 71. here's a picture of the damp, chilly air diving down the 95 corridor. through all of tomorrow it will be thunderstorms or gray, damp and on the cool side day with the high of 72. but notice how we clear it out for the weekend. tonight we enter the possibility of strong and gusty thunderstorms. >>> 66 is the overnight low. tomorrow 72 degrees is going to be it. right now is tomorrow's daytime high. and we'll keep showers in the forecast through the day and clear it out friday, saturday and monday and it gets hot again. >>> mid-80s on saturday and sunday and low 90s on monday. >>> we managed to clear up one accident on one o
. hogan is from bel air, was found in the woods in shrewsbury, vermont. and now coming into play, towson university. abc2 news sherrie johnson is there live to explain this. >> reporter: good morning. here at towson university the forensics department here has agreed to help try to figure out what happened in the disappearance of michael hogan. he lived at spring lake rampleg in vermont -- ranch in vermont, that's a recovery and therapy peek work to silt. he was there just over a year when one day he went missing in 2005. after following leads police notified his family that pieces of michael's remains had been found less than a mile from the ranch. with no evidence of homicide vermont state police deemed the case not suspicious and the crime lab was not involved, but michael's father didn't think that was enough and reached out to a forensics specialist at towson university to see if she could help. she and her students spent two days uncovering remains of what is believed to be michael hogan's body. >> i just want answers. i want to know what the truth is, what happened to him. there's
. >> a viewing will be held for yeardley love at ruck funeral home in towson. funeral services will be saturday morning at 10:00. >>> rescue crews find the body at susquehanna river. people spotted the body in the water earlier today. crews suspect that the drowning victim is actually from pennsylvania and floated down the river. that should be glen cove marina. >>> a horrific attack on a police officer in baltimore county. and it may be racially motivated. mary is live in the newsroom with more on what happened. >> the officer may lose sight in one of his eyes because of this attack. the unidentified officer had come under attack. when police say he yelled about speeding and making racial comments. that's when kimballalogyedly hit the officer with -- kimball allegedly hit the officer with a beer mug, severing his eye sockit. doctors say his eye may never fully function again. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake said she is troubled by the attack, especially considering it may have been racially motivated. >>> also in harford county, allegations of a serial peeping tom are rocking a quiet neighb
: now, yeardley's body is found at the funeral home in towson tomorrow. >>> and also new tonight, we have learned that love's relatives are working on setting up several memorial funds in her honor. reporting live at the cathedral of mary our queen. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> a viewing will be held for yeardley love tomorrow. that will be an emotional day as well at the ruck funeral home in towson. funeral services saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the cathedral of mary our queen. >>> trains between baltimore and washington were delayed today after a deadly accident. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. that's when the amtrak excel express hit the track. that person on the track was killed. there were 153 people on board the train. none of the passengers were hurt. amtrak says the victim was trespassing on the tracks. but there is no word on why. >>> several arundel mills wall mart employees are accused of theft tonight. police are investigating the alleged theft of $237,000 worth of tires and other merchandise from the store in hanover. wal-mart security officers tol
in honor of her memory. the cavaliers took to the field competing against the towson university tigers in the ncaa tournament, happened one week after love was laid to rest. the team used the tragedy to build strength. their motto, one team, one heart, one love. yeardley love's mother and other relatives attended the tournament. many were solemn before the game started. there was a moment of silence for love who was allegedly killed at the hands of a man held on first-degree murder charges. huguely's former teammates attend the game to show their support. the team played hard and pulled 14-12 win over the tigers. julie miers is their coach. >> i think it has never felt so good to win a game, not only an ncaa game but get this hurdle cleared over. the kids did a great job, really gusty and dug deep and feeling good coming up with the wind. >> reporter: exhilaration in the stadium when the team won. love's relatives come grad lated their teammates. >> we are never going to forget yeardley. it is something and someone we are never, ever gonna forget. >> reporter: yeardley love's team maid
and sister crying on the side lines, the lacrosse team took on towson, playing their first team and winning as a tribute to their murdered teammate. it began with a moment of silence, as the uva lacrosse team took to the field and spoke publicly for the first time about their lost teammate. >> she was an absolutely unforgettable person. when you met her, you just loved her. she was great. my very best friend. >> and their friend was still with them. their name placed on their jerseys and their opponents' wristbands. yardley love's mother and sister were in the stands, too, as the team scored its first goal just 12 seconds into the game. it was a back and forth matchup that tested the strength of all of the young women. but no one more than yardley's roommate, who found her after the crime. >> it hit us really hard, but i don't know where i would be without my team and all my close friends, every day, together, we're getting stronger, you know, figuring out what we need. >> reporter: what they needed this time was a win for their friend, and they got it. after the buzzer, emotions poured out
. yeardley love was a standout lacrosse player here in towson. now yesterday, detectives in charlottesville found her body in her offcampus apartment just after 2:00 in the morning. now uva men's lacrosse player, george huguely is charged with first-degree murder. tim longo says the two did have a relationship in the past. love's roommate discovered her body with major physical trauma, but no weapon turned up. the university student body president says everyone is trying to cope as best they can. >> it is shocking. actually i think for most students, it's not an easy thing. hopefully we'll be able to get through it. >> now yeardley love said in an interview, i had wanted to play lacrosse at virginia since i was little. so coming here was like a dream come true. now according to espn, the men's and women's lacrosse team met yesterday and discussed not participating in the ncaa tournament coming up in a few weeks. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> as we have been saying, love went to the university of virginia to complete part of a top program. her high school coach had this to say about her.
morning, steve. we do have trouble in towson where we are dealing with an accident on providence road at 695, fortunately to really days at the beltway. we're looking at 67 miles per hour on york road. as we take a look around the area, you can see that the traffic is flowing along the inner and outer loop lanes. if you're traveling on the outer loo lap lanes, you're looking at an 11-minute ride. all is clear on the fort mchenry tunnel, from the toll plaza to the beltway. and from the harbor tunnel toll plaza on 295, you're looking at an average ride of 54 miles per hour. that's a look at morning travels, patrice, back to you. >>> more reports of bullying in a baltimore county school. it's the latest in a story you saw first on fox. megan gilliland is liveefrom franklin middle school where a mother is willing to break the law to protect her son. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, we were out here yesterday at the same place yesterday reporting on the story of a 7 years old girl who says she was pushed down the stairs here. now another story, another student who
: the viewing for yeardley love was held here in towson. police in charlotte still investigate new allegations of previous violent incidents between her and the man accused of killing her, including one in a charlottesville bar the day before she was found dead. friends, classmates and teammates came to a funeral home in towson, maryland, to say good-bye to 22-year-old yeardley love and to help comfort her grieving family. members of the uva women's lacrosse team arrived together in this bus. >> she's a great girl. really one of the most genuinely sweet girls i've ever known. just want to be here to support everyone. >> i just can't believe that something like that could happen, you know, to a nice girl like that. she was a wonderful, wonderful girl. >> i think strength comes from friends, love from friends. and we can only pray for the family of yeardley love. >> reporter: maryland is where love was born and where she learned to play lacrosse can such skill she made the highly competitive university of virginia team. uva is where she met george huguely, the men's lacrosse player, also 22 who
. >> more sadness and supports for yeardley love. >> keith daniels is live in towson where hundreds gathered to remember the local lacrosse star who was killed at college. >> well, karen, good evening. the evening service has wrapped up here tonight. it's the last of two services held today in remember of yeardley love. it was an outpour of support for the family of yeardley love. hundreds of people gathered at the rucks funeral home for the viewings. many of them yeardley love's classmates from the notre dame prep school for girls. >> she was a wonderful girl. she was a true girl. she strived for excellence. >> inside the service, they say the mood, of course, was somber. but the people we spoke with say they want to celebrate her life, more than anything else, calling her an intelligent, attractive, caring young girl. and a good lacrosse player, too. >> she was a lot better than me. she went on to keep playing. >> and those who care about her say they had to be here. >> i just felt like i wanted to support her mother, you know? she lost her father a couple of years ago. you know, two trage
of your skin. so the folks from mercy are here to tell us about that. we have everything from towson's women's lacrosse to johns hopkins baseball. that is ahead as well as senior health. the y is doing something exciting so we're going to tell you all about that. that is coming up. but before we get to that and weather which i believe there will be a turnaround we'll talk about today's hot topic. if you're a mom you know diaper rash kind of comes with the territory but some moms claim their babies are dealing with a rash that is off the charts. and blaming a new product. last week we first reported on the controversy, with pampers. but today abc2 news joce sterman has more on why pampers is soaked in controversy because of its dry max diapers. take a look. >> buy-buy. >> reporter: little charlie is an on the go girl so when something slows her down her mom karen knows something is up. >> we started noticing she was getting an eczema-type rash on her belly and back. then the diaper rash started. >> reporter: that rash had smiling charlie itching so hard she broke the skin and eventual
in towson right now on west towson town boulevard, west burke avenue. if headed downtown today, first mariner arena, they're expected 11,000 people for a business seminar between 8:00 and 5:00. there'll be delays around that area. there's a look at the top side of the beltway, no need to avoid that. everything running pretty empty at green spring avenue. everything also at full speed. there's a look at the west side of the beltway, 295, this traffic report's brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll save more in the long run. toyota, moving forward. >>> good morning, don and marty, everybody, if you love interior design, we're live in pikesville, this is the place to be. it's the 34th annual decorator show house. all for the benefit of the baltimore symphony. >> welcome to the 34th annual decorator show house, 50 interior designers now putting the finishing touches for the estate's 24 rooms. >> it's everybody's dream, i think men will love this home, women will love this home. bring your teenage daughters, bring your children thinking about goes into design. >> reporter: tours of t
do have a lot of hair. " we have a few things to watch for. in towson, some defective traffic lights. there is some fire department lakevity in druid park drive. southbound 95, right lane closed with an accident there. on the west side of the baltimore beltway, 11 minutes is your drive time. it will take you seven minutes to travel south down to the harbor tunnel toll. on the topside, so far so good on the topside. we switch over to traffic at 32 and everything is running smoothly through howard county. back to you. >> thank you. a young woman's life is cut short. but police have ruled curred death a homicide. they believe they have the person responsible. jennifer franciotti has more. >> yeardley love grew up in cockeysville and went on to play lacrosse at the university of virginia. police believe her ex-boyfriend killed her. they hit the practice field with heavy hearts. >> we a balanced each other's disbelief and sorrow and b vowed to pray for each other. >> police say yeardley love's roommate discovered her body. she called 911 to report an apparent alcohol overdose. >> this you
former boyfriend is charged with the crime. david collins is live in towson tonight. >> according to(Ñ the funeral he owner, inside there are several bouquets of flowers addressed to "the big y." a lot of people leaving notes in baskets. . mourning fill the afternoon. the line spilled into the parking lot at the ruck era home. >> it almost feels like it is not real. you are in shock. it disappoints, i have been crying for days on end. >> i did not know her very well, but she was a loving, kind person, and i miss her a lot. >> i just want to reconnect with her family and those long ago memories i have. >> 22-year-old george huguely of chevy chase has been charged in connection with her death. he told police they use today. she played for the university covered jinnah university of virginia lacrosse team. police found her face down in a pool of blood on her pillow, right eye swollen shut, and a large bruise on her face. roommate's called police. they expected -- they suspected alcohol poisoning. >> it just makes me believe that anything can happen. the smallest sign could be the bigge
and they get towson in the first the ncaa tournament. an emotional moment after this game as each member of the team unveils a number one, the jersey worn by yeardley herself. her mother and sister were at the game and it was a very emotional ride for them as well. that's tonight's geico's 15 minutes of fame. >>> decision time a member of the washington freedom.  [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. gestarted at >>> welcome back. the washington freedom on the road against the atlanta beat. the back hill pass. it's 1-0 freedom. the crossing pass and abbey heads it in. she just broke her nose last week so she was pretty daring to pull that move. they improve to 3-2. not many athletes can say they play for two really successfu
at burke avenue. watch for that in towson. first mariner arena, there is a business event at 8:00 a.m. this morning. that will tie things up on the j.f.x.. meantime, southbound i-95 at the capital beltway, there is an accident still in the cleanup stages. 11 minutes on the west side. 10 minutes ride down. 32. not a lot moving at the key bridge. we switch over to traffic that old court wrote of the west side and everything is running smoothly from 795. back to you. >> thank you. a dramatic turn of events overnight into the investigation of the times square bomb square. >> a man has been arrested. kate amara has the latest from our washington bureau. >> a 30-year-old pakistani and american is now in custody. he was questioned for hours overnight. >> faisal shahzad was arrested. >> a midnight arrest. eric holder said the suspect was taken into custody. >> this investigation is ongoing. is multifaceted and it is progressive. it is clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill americans. quest the suspect was identified as faisal shahzad of connecticut. he became an america
family hopes a forensic scientist at towson university can help figure out what exactly happened to him. he lived at spring lake rampleg in vermont when he disappeared. it's a facility that is for recovery and therapeutic work. recently police told hogan's family that pieces of michael were found less than a mile from the ranch, a skull found in the woods by a hunter has been identified as michael hogan. now family members want to know what happened to him. with no evidence of homicide, vermont state police said the case was not suspicious and the crime lab was not involved but michael's father reached out to a forensic specialist at towson university to see if she could help. >> i think i can assemble a team of students that can come out and get real life field experience while enabling a fully gridded highly powered search to occur. >> we may never know but we need to feel we did everything we could to -- to solve this mystery. >> reporter: the forensic specialist and her team spent two days looking at the remains and they hope to find an answer to the mysterious death. reporting live
this evening. one of our own photo journalists sent this in from towson. nikolaus, one viewer sent this from forest hill. it looks like a funnel cloud. snapped it at 7:30 tonight. now if you have weather snapshots, see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website and simply click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to >> damage reports starting to come in. after the storm rips through the state. keith daniels reporting from brooklyn park in northern arundel county. where a tree fell on a car. >> well, we're on first street in brooklyn park and no, it is not a big bush. look closer. it is a true tree that fell on top of a car. people that live on this block, say mother nature swept through, with a one, two, punch. team tank on the front porch when the storm blew through. heavy rain, then hail. the size of bubble budget they say, starting to fall. >> it was hitting the awning, go ping ping ping, and wind loud and a big crack. >> that crack was the crack of a tree across
thank you. folks enjoyed the warm weather this weekend at the towson town festival. >> boy, was it warm. there was something for everybody, music, arts, craft, look at the slide and plenty to eat. kids got a chance to enjoy the games and a petting zoo and you can stop by our booth. the crew was out there enjoying the fun. a really good time. >> good time. >> good excuse to get a giant lemonade. >> and the thirties we got are comfortable and -- >> and not so ventilated. >> every time we're over there going, hey, smile, we're like goodness. >> sorry. >> here is just win the weather. >> sticking to people, that was the problem. who ever thought a short sleeved shirt could keep you warm in the wintertime, so we'll be wearing those next blizzard. check it out this morning. rain up 95 and eases up a little after the heavy down came through in the last hour and heavy rain sliding through vern park right now and approaching howard county and heavy rain sliding back through as well, and as we put this on the motion, you can see with have another band of heavy rain basically coming owl of montgo
. >> well wicked weather here in arundel county and in towson too. dime size hail dropped in a townhome community at towson towne center mall. no heavy damage there. but back in brooklyn park, a tree on top of a car. but fortunately no one was hurt. >> in brooklyn park, keith daniels fox 45 news "late edition". >> wow! >> yeah those storms started fast and ended fast. >> jessica starr joins us with a closer look at just what happened. hi jessica. >> hi. we were warm and muggy through the day today. temperatures above normal. that fuels the atmosphere. now i want to backup. this i >> many of you were very close to the bad weather this evening. >> jen from arbutis sent this photograph. we received a lot of reports of hail this evening. you saw some earlier in the broadcast. and look at the size of the hail that fell at her home. >> seems rain gel and halethorpe has the same problem. look at the size of the ice falling from the sky there. >> if you have weather snapshots to give us, see it, shoot it, send it. upload photos and videos to our website
into a group of people, including a dog. today, a group of towson university forensic students return from vermont, searching for the remains of a maryland man who disappeared there five years ago. it appears their mission was extremely successful, and may provide clues to just what happened to michael hogan. when vermont authorities stop searching for michael hogan after finding partial skeletal remains back in november, towson university step in. it is extraordinary what this young forensics team found an essentially police left behind. >> we found his hoodie, and when we found that, it just seemed very real. >> that was just the beginning. >> we found missing bones that we knew were missing, including several ribs and vertebrae. we found arms that were missing, forearm bones, teeth that were missing, and in terms of evidence, without clothing and personal effects that clearly belong to michael. >> the idea to contract out a search for michael came from the family. their son, who suffered from mental illness, had wandered away from vermont treatment center back in 2005. like any parents,
city yoga has studios in fells point, mount airy and also towson -- mount royal and also towson, and they have a variety of classes for beginners and beyond. >>> tomorrow yoga week continues. we're going to focus on one type of yoga few know about. it's called aerial yoga or air yoga. it looks like trapeze artists hanging in the air but it's a class at the canton club. >> they get a workout. that's the whole idea behind coming to a gym. to get a workout. not just, you know, stretching is good but working out and working your muscles is better. >> now, in this class you ditch the yoga mat and trade it in for a sort of a silk-looking hammock. it's extreme stretching that helps tone your muscles and strengthen your heart but it's not only for those in shape. check it out. the story airs tomorrow on "good morning maryland." >>> beautiful weekend, chilly as promised but still nice. >> not a ton of rain saturday, still scattered showers. cool today, 10 degrees below average, breezy, tomorrow not as windy but clouds and rain. it will be a little cooler, upper 50s. unusual stuff here.
travelled to towson this afternoon to pay their respects to yardly love. she was killed earlier in this week. the former boyfriend is charged with her more. stacey cohan is outside with more. >> reporter: it's been a difficult day, brian, as the mourners poured in and that grief was tangible and the funeral home is prepareing for a second round of miners. the first viewing began at 2:00 p.m. and ran through 4:00 p.m. many former classmates, teachers, family friends and lacrosse teammates came to pay their respects from noter came prep. they tried to honor the memory of a kind and vibrant young woman that yardly love is remembered as and many are still reeling from the details of her death allegedly at the lands of her former boyfriend. >> makes me believe that anything can happen and that the smallest sign could be the biggest sign you get. >> we hope and pray that everyone can -- prayers for this family. it's family that is wonderful and endearing. and so we're all feeling pain. >> reporter: in addition to the pain here in the community, there is a great deal of pain at the university of vi
against towson with their hearts centered on the memory of yardley love, their teammate who was killed earlier this month. once the game started, virginia went immediately on the attack. she shoots and scores. right off the bat, they were up 1-0. towson state close, though. 12-11 in the second half. here comes virginia's kate whiteley working around the net. she shoots and scores. 13-12, virginia. after the game, every single virginia player held a single finger in the air signaling to her family. they were overcome by the gesture. the coach said this was not only a big win for the team but for every single player. >> i think it's never felt so good to win a game. not only is it an ncaa game but it's a hurdle cleared over. the kids did a great job. they were really gutsy. they dug deep and really feeling good about coming up with a win. we got the extra week that we need. now we are going to be greedy and want another week. >> to baseball. the nats want to salvage something from their trip to colorado. final game of the series this afternoon, scott olson was very sharp today. he allowe
of that dundalk bar owner comes two months after a towson gas station owner was gunned down at his business. his wife and three of her family members were arrested in connection with the death. >>> well parents in annapolis are concerned this morning after police arrest a man prowling through an elementary school playground. when they first confronted this man, he said he was trying to register her daughter. they said he was being suspicious and found out he has no children attending this school. there's a court order for him not to have any contact with his children. >> oh my god. that is terrible. that's terrible. we have to do something about it. >> police say recently there's been another disturbing situation in this area. there were reports of a man approaching children at bates middle school. authorities haven't said if the two incidents are connected. >>> let's take a look at this oil spill. game of waiting now. you're looking live in the gulf. top kill method to stop the gushing oil started yesterday. bp officials say they won't find out for another 24 hours if it's working. engineers pl
in the tournament -- her teammates. we have more on the emotional return to the field against the towson tigers. >> emotions always run high during a playoff match, but as her family watched from the stands, this game was different for players and fans on both sidelines. >> this is a lacrosse game, and we want to compete, and virginias course -- virginia scores! this was the first game that the uva lacrosse team played since their beloved teammate was found dead in her off-campus apartment two weeks ago. she was brutally beaten. the former teammates were at the game as a symbol of support for ms. love, and her teammates took to the field. >> i feel the presence on the field when we played together. >> the tolleson sideline -- towson sidelined felt it, also. late in the second half, the game was tied. her mother and sister were in the stands, and perhaps in a move of divine intervention, they moved closer. the cavaliers rallied for the wind. -- win. >> the players hugged her mother with tears of joy and tears of regret that they could not share this with the if teammate and friend that they miss
. it will be an easy drive from parkville to towson and from towson to 83. if you're using the jfx, no problems to report, from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. all is clear at the tunnels, no or the harbor tunnel. we are dealing with one lane of dundalk avenue at burning highway. that's a look at the travels. patrice, back to you. >>> the summer season is about to kickoff on fox 45. >>> the season premier of so yoú think you can dance is tonight at 8:00. and one lucky viewer will be able to dance with the best oo %-it's our we can't wait for so you think can you dance contest. one viewer will win a nintendoú wii fit system, an a pod nano. watch the season premier of so -p>>> a 20-year-old mystery involving the rape and murder of an elderly woman could now be solved. police have ade an arrest and as steve daniels reports, dna evidence help crack the case. >> i did not believe it. elaine curb ha curb has the old newspaper clippings with the headlines of her grandmotter, a dillon street ssore owner slain. now after 20 years an arrest. >> i'm just glad that they got him. i hope
was a standout in high school and mvp in towson. she plays lacrosse at the university of virginia. her ex-boyfriend is accused of killing her. >> reporter: they were gathered to say a final good-bye to yeardley love. a public viewing will be held today in towson. classmates have asked fellow students to dress in orange and blue today on campus to honor love. friends will get together to honor her at noon at the chapel. on thursday, police went to a charlottesville bar where it's believed the two argued before love was murdered. police are looking into reports of george huguely's jealous rage and love's fear for her safety. >> we are hearing things that were red-flag-like. now we're trying to figure out is it true or isn't it? if it is, if people know this, and what specifically did they know? all of that will be corroboration for ultimately a trial. >> reporter: there'll be two viewings today. the first from 2:00 to 4:00 this afternoon and later from 7:00 to 9:00. love's funeral is tomorrow at 10:00 at the cathedral of mary our queen. two memorial funds have been set up in her honor. one
for the rock funeral home tomorrow afternoon in towson followed by funeral services saturday morning at the cathedral of mary our queen. >>> a solution to clean up the massive oil spill on the gulf coast is at the top of your head according to one group, a group called matter of trust recycles hair scraps and turns it into small mats that help absorb oil, so meanwhile engineers have been working feverishly on a dome designed to contain the oil. a ship carrying the 100-ton containment box is now heading to that site and in hope that the dome will cover the flow of crude oil and funnel it into a tanker. >>> a man accused of stealing a car leads police on a foot chase. look at the screen. it is caught on tape by a tv news crew. you can see the suspect run ago way from officers, jumping over rocks along the river in portland. there he is, keeps going up and then in. eventually falls into the river and still not wanting to get caught, tries to pull something from his waistband. officers shot the man with a taser gone and took him into custody. >>> a massive crowd marched down the streets
, from towson up through cockeysville and then we take you further to the north and west here to rising sun, port deposit and on into cecil county. that storm is a severe one, thus the warning. scattered thunderstorms, these are going to produce brief heavy downpours, the main threat will be gusty winds and the possibility of some hail. but we are going to have heavy downpours tonight. talk about more when this clears out in your weekend forecast coming up. >>> and we have breaking news out of baltimore county tonight. man is in critical condition after police tased him on the side of a highway. it happened around 9:30 on ramp at i-695 heading to 795. details are coming in but police tell us there was a car driving irratcally and then the driver began fighting with the officer. they were forced to tase the man who is reported to be in cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. two officers received minor injuries. we have a crew on the scene and we'll have the latest on and also tomorrow on good morning maryland. >>> well, some taxing questions for members of the baltimore
yardley love. >>> towson men showed their support for the uva women's team during their matchup over the week. towson players wore orange arm bands to the game with yardley's initials on it. they also gave each uva player a gold pen at the end of the game. the pen is an angel holding a lacrosse stick. uva won the game, both virginia's men and women's team will play in the next round of the ncaa tournament next weekend. >>> well, murky wet conditions were the story today all day long. a little bit of heat-up in the rain right now, but we're going to stay wet tonight and into the day tomorrow, unfortunately. take a look outside, and a little break in the action over baltimore. some scattered light showers. we have heavier showers moving toward frederick right now, eventually pushing their way in here later this evening. the other thing the rain did was hold temperatures down, low 60s, that was it, 63, 12 degrees below average today out at bwi. here's the forecast this evening, 50, scattered showers, staying quite cool out there. there will not be much of a change tomorrow. if anything,
and in towson too. dime size hail dropped in a townhome commity at towson towne center mall. no headamage there. t back in brookly park, a tree on top of a car. but fortunately no one was hurt. >> in brooklyn park, keith danis fox 45 news "late edition". >> wow! >> yeh those storms started fast and eded fast. >> jessica starr joins us with a closer look at just what happen. hi jessica. >> hi. were warm and muggy through the day today. temperatur above normal. that fuels the atmosphere. now i want to backup. this is the radar from this afternoon. ound when the strongest storms were in the region. when we had the breeze, tornado warning fourrundel county. so you can see a lot of pop up thunderstos. this was the cell. you can watc it. arundel cite ere. look at the cell right there. that is the one that allowed for th tnado brily. but a lot of the storms were strong. a lot of hail, gsty winds from the showersand thunrstorms that pushed through the region. now, a ofthose watches and warnings have exired. not dealing with any wrnings at this moment. and skies are slowly clearing as the showers and st
their support, many of them wearing pins in honor of yeardley love. towson university players wore arm bands with yeerdzly's name on them and gave each uva player a pin showing an angel holding a lacrosse stick. >> we're all parents and it can happen to any one of our kids an you feel helpless when you see something like this happen. >> she crew up in -- she is played with players from towson. >> the men's team also honored yeardley love in their game. the players wore one love awarmup shirt in honor of yeardley love. the love ribbons were also worn and both teams will play the next round of the ncaa tournament weekend. >>> of course we want your two cents on this topic. when we ran david curly's piece, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. so on our facebook fan page, we have posted the following question, what is more inspiring, the uva men's and women's teams performance or how towson's fans and their support of the uva team. share right now your two cents. log on to the wmar facebook fan page and drop a comment. we'll read those that they wrd lrd have posted and shash the rest of the comm
to beat towson 14-12. they now head to the quarter finals ever the ncaa tournament. yeardley love's accused killer remains in jail without bond. >>> a george washington university student has died after falling from a dormitory window. university president steven knapp announced taylor hubbard's death during today's commencement. the sophomore fell out of the window at guthridge hall around 4:00 saturday morning. he was taken to george washington university hospital where he died. there is no word on what caused him to fall. d.c. and campus police are investigating. >>> more travel disruptions from volcanic ash drifting from iceland. london's heathrow airport is the latest airport to shut down because of the ash. officials say europe's busiest airport will be closed at least until tomorrow morning. the ash has caused other airports across britain and ireland to shut down throughout the course of the day. >>> the trial begins tomorrow in a high profile murder case that turned a dupont circle townhouse into the center of a mystery. who killed robert wone. three men are charged with
since the death of yardley love. the cavaliers rallied in the end to beat towson 14-12 yesterday to reach the quarter finals of the ncaa tournament. towson wore orange wristbands with yl and dark blue and gave the cavaliers pins of an angel carrying a lacrosse stick. >>> getting more marylanders back to work. that's the focus of congressman ducht rupleersburger. pintook said services for more than 800,000 companies, some of whom are hiring right now. he says he is fighting to get unemployed marylanders back into the workforce. >> there were 36,000 new jobs created in maryland. that means the economy is improving. the employers are looking for people to hire, why they're here today. >> remember, abc2 is working to get you back to work. looking on to our home page and click on the good morning maryland tab. once there, click on the get back to work tab. we have helpful hint, finding a job, doing well in an interview and getting an offer all on abc2 >>> well, unless they have killed someone, teenagers cannot be locked up for life without the possibility of parole. the ruli
. >> the men's and women's ncaa lacrosse championships are going on all weekend in towsons' and at m & t bank stadium. that could mean as much as $22 million for the local economy. >> women lacrosse players from the final four teams took the field in towson friday night. >> i'm rooting for northwestern. >> northwestern. >> including californians have come to watch at m & t stadium. while they are here, the fans will be hitting the town. >> we are staying at the harbor. south point, south baltimore. we love to come back here anytime we can. >> going to dinner. have some crab cakes. >> and those restaurants are already seeing their business pick up. >> it guarantees a sellout for the entire city. >> i can feel the business. i can feel it. >> officials are expecting this tournament will generate millions and the office of sportsal marketing would like baltimore to host the events every day. >> talking about quote-unquote being the unofficial home of the men's lacrosse championship. >> right now -- >> we just got in a few hours ago. and it's a great atmosphere. so we're looking forward to it. >>
. >> the amazing thing is i saw these guys play football in 1973 over towson u., we played perry hall and it was like old home week and you never thought you would get out of shape. you guys were in the prime of your life there. >> absolutely. we were very lean and always active, i played three different sports, football, basketball, lacrosse, kept working out throughout the year. and it was a religion to keep in shape. and again, once you're out in the real world and you sit behind a desk for a while and realize you don't have the time to get out and do as much working out that you used to and then you're 20 pounds heavier and then 30 pounds heavier and it sneaks up on you. >> and you take it for granted. towson university and semi proand baltimore eagles and you think i'm always going to be in shape and then life comes and you have family and work and then the next thing you know you're gaining weight and it just keeps coming. >> one of the best ways that it was illustrated was during our last week of workouts, tim decided to get us to carry around the weight we had lost in our hand
here in 2006 from notre dame prep in towson where she was also a standout lacrosse player there. her high school coach was one of her biggest influences. this is what her high school coach had to say about her. >> there was not a mean cell in her body. she was goodness and had a sense of humor to go along with that sense of goodness and sweetness that you kind of look and say to yourself, i don't think i'll ever have the pleasure of teaching or coaching another child anywhere close to that. >> the suspect, george huguely is from chevy chase. >>> tonya, you watched the story yourself. the signs, you are saying the people we know in public may not be the people we know in private. >> right. oftentimes people who are abusive to their girlfriends or boyfriends, their intimate partners have a public persona that are different. they are well liked, well respected, well mannered. so it's not surprising that he may have been, and i've heard he was very popular. but he may have been very different with his girlfriend. >> we aren't here to convict. believe me. we are putting a square pig i
are gathering in towson, maryland, to remember the uva lacrosse player murdered earlier this week. yeardley love's wake takes place today. while we learn more about her life, we are learning more about the fellow lacrosse player from this area accused in her murder. jeff rossen has the latest. >> reporter: yeardley love was so vibrant, so alive. making today's wake the final good-byes so hard to comprehend. late thursday, her family provided nbc news with new pictures of the young woman they called their angel. these photos were taken just one month before yeardley's death. too emotional to speak on camera relatives told us they can't imagine life without her. and yeardley was popular on campus, too. many of her friends at uva will attend the viewing today. >> yeardley's death is beyond belief. and what led to her death are painfully difficult to think about. >> reporter: police have uncovered new information about her ex-boyfriend and accused killer, george huguely. he has a longer criminal record than first thought. he spent a lot of time here at his family's million dollar estate in his exclu
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